Medion robot md 18318 binding

Can anyone develop a Binding for the Medion robot md 18318 ?

Is there an open API available ? If not, the chance to get a Binding is tending to zero.

API not available.

Maybe you see the commands if you are sniffing the network

…or the easy way: waiting Medion publish the API

In that case, don’t expect someone to develop a Binding for you.

True. We are all volunteers.
The best way to get a binding is to try something yourself, even if it is not polished. That can spur interest & help from others.

ok then I try it myself and see that I lay a foundation stone as @Bruce_Osborne says. Do you have any other idea than to sniff the network?

I googled a bit, but could not find any hint that it is supported by other home automation software, so paket sniffing will be the best approach.

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