Memory Leak OH3?

Some weeks ago I made a fresh installation on my NUC. On the NUC with 4GB RAM i installed Debian GNU/Linux 10 with Kernel 4.19.0-13. On the top of the Debian installed openHabian 3.0.1 - Release Build. I have an Aeotec Z-Wave Stick, a Danalock V3, a Fibaro Wall Plug and CO sensor, 16 Fibaro Double Switches, 14 Qubino Roller Shutters and a Doorbird. Some hours or a day after I start the system, I have around 70-75% free memory. There are most the switches and the rollershutters in use (on/off - open/close - no complicated rules and so). But after 2 weeks i have just 7% free memory. What can use up so much memory in 2 weeks. Maye OH or some of the addons have memory leak?

Short answer: yes. More probably an addon than core because I don‘t see that issue.

I have the Following Bindings installed: Astro Binding, Chromecast Binding, Doorbird Binding, NTP Binding, OpenWeatherMap Binding, Z-Wave Binding.
And the openHAB Cloud Connector, Google Cloud Text-to-Speech and RRD4j Presistence.
UI are Basic UI and HabPanel.

Is there any chance(without disabling one binding after the other) to find out which one have the leak?

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I think we can rule out astro, openweathermap, cloud connector, rrd4j and basicui. These are also installed on my system. I also think that zwave, habpanel and ntp are quite commonly used and it would have been noticed before.

So I would start with doorbird, as it is a recent addition, then the TTS and finally chromecast and NTP.

There is another topic about memory problems, you might want to follow that. openHAB 3 runs out of memory / java heap space errors, CPU 100%+ after a few hours

However, if it takes 2 weeks to reach this level it will probably difficult to find the cause. You could see if you can take a memory dump of the system when it is low on memory to see what is eating up all the memory. In the topic I mentioned there are some tips on how to do that.


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