Meross MSG100HK openHAB compatibility

Hi everybody,

I’m very new to home automation and openHAB, please forgive me if I ask dumb questions.

Currently I’m looking for a solution to control and monitor my garage door. Sometimes we forget to close it over night because we have to go outside to see, if it is opened or closed.

While doing a quick research I found the Meross MSG100HK hardware which should be able to trigger our electrical garage opener.

As I do not really like cloud solutions I would like to control the MSG100HK with my own openHAB instance and not use the manufacturer cloud I’m wondering if this Home Kit compatible hardware is expected to work with openHAB and the openHAB homekit bridge?

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Many people here prefer solutions that permit local control rather than depending on a loud server. Otherwise if your Internet connection is out, you cannot control your devices.

Personally smart home is just a hobby right now but I chose Z-Wave solutions instead of the less expensive Wi-Fi. All smarty hone Wi-fi devices are only 2.4 GHz. I am a Wi-Fi engineer and we provide minimal support for 2.4 GHz devices due to the many interfering devices, such as microwave ovens, that use that unlicensed RF space.

I know many here have different preferences & opinions.