Merten 506004 battery wall switch database entry

I have changed my house automation from Zipato to openhab and most of my devices work fine.
Only the Merten 506004 wall switches won´t work as expected. I know, that these device is very tricky, but in Zipatile I managed to see 4 different notifications from it (group1 on / off, group3 on/off)

With openhab the first problem was, that they were missing in known devices, because the database entry was not completed.
I tried to fill the missing information into database, but I think I have done some mistakes.
The endpoint configuration is wrong.
The good thing about it is, that after including it with the wrong config and several wake up`s, openhab created a XML file for that device.

A lot of text for a short question:
Is someone able to delete the wrong entries in database and apply the the correct XML file?

Here is the XML.
Merten-506004.xml (7.2 KB)

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this is a community supported database. Most initial entries came from somebody else’s xml file. many times vendors introduce new features with new firmware versions.

Do you have any links to the manual for this device? Hopefully I can look at it later today.

I see you updated the database earlier this month. I will look to review it for you. You forgot to click “Request Review” for a senior team member to review and publish your changes.

I deleted the entries.

Are you saying you applied the wrong xml file? If so, we need to re-create the database entry. I can mark the old one as removed, if you wish.

The first try was without a xml file, because it is difficult to get it.
The configuration parameters and the assignment groups should be OK.
Endpoints are wrong.
If needed delete the antry and I will create a new entry as good as I can.

Let me try later. I can likely import most of your hard work.

@sihui you may be able to do this before I finish work for the day.

By the way, we have started testing a new, improved database site.

Thank you.
No need to finish it today.
This device is so old and it seems that no one has got it to run as expected.
But its possible to run 2 blinds with one 4-way switch.

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Sorry, just started work, won’t be available until tomorrow morning.

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I just started too. I thought you might be finishing up. No worries.

If it helps:
These endpoints are shown in my Zipatile.

Association groups

This is what your xml gives us:

but only for one endpoint.
As this is a 4 gang switch I suspect it needs four endpoints.
I finished the first one but don’t have time to do the other 3.
@Guenter, please take the first endpoint as an example and finish the other three endpoints, then hit the Request Approval button, thanks.

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I have completed the other endpoints.

I´m sorry to say that I missed the right row and added a second “Association” entry in endpoint 0.
Command Class “ASSOCIATION” in endpoint 0 is duplicated!
@sihui , Please remove that entry and then I will request the approval.

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Done. Once the changes got merged you need to upgrade to the latest zwave snapshot binding.
Please discuss database changes in the forum next time if you are not sure about the correct entries.

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@sihui, Will do next time.
One question relating your answer:

How long does it last till changes are in snapshot and how do I update to the latest snapshot version.
I searched the community, but there were several different answers, most of them for versions below openhab 2.5. Should I use openhabian-config and update all?

The database is usually exported to GitHub about once a week, on weekends. After that, the snapshot build process picks up the changes.
I usually recommend the manual install script to update the binding.
Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

You then should delete the Thing from OH (NOT exclude from the network) and re-discover/add back. It will have the same Thingid but discovery will pick up the binding changes.

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First read the instructions for the script. :wink:

Am I right that I should only delete and add the controller Thing. All my device things will still be there?

NO. Only delete devices.
The controller configuration dies not change.

Ahh, you mean those devices which should get the new settings from the updated database. These are excluded at the moment.
And I fear you mean all. :joy:

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