Merten 50x5xx: configure travel time UP/DOWN


I try to configure the UP/DOWN travel time for Merten 50x5xx roller shutter.

Each of the configuration is done by two parameters using the formula (256*Input 1 + Input 2) * 0,1s.

Input 1 and Input 2 allowed values are 0-127.
My question is: How to configure e.g. 20 seconds?

Following the Merten documentation the input values are in the range of 0-255.

I’m using OpenHAB 2.4.

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Based on your comments and the manual, I does look like the entry in the device database should be updated. Would you agree that all of the configuration parameters should have a range of 0-255? I do not have the device to test the changes, but I can easily get this sorted for you.

In looking through this further, I do not see a parameter 0 or 4 in the manual. Should these be removed? There are also a few other parameters listed. Do these apply to this device?

I agree, parameter 176-186 should be 0-255. How can I check if parameter 0 or 4 still supported by this device?

You could test them to see if they do anything, but the descriptions are really vague, they aren’t im the manual, and I don’t think parameter 0 is even possible. I just deleted them, and I also found a few more parameters in the manual. You’ll need to wait for the next build, update the binding, and delete and rediscover the Thing for this device.