Mertik Maxitrol wifi binding

Hi all,
I recently installed a gas fireplace in my home and I would like to integrate it into my openhab installation. I started with an RFXCOM device, but soon discovered that the current remote is on a different frequency and not supported (got the RFXCOM before the fireplace was installed).
I read about someone who reverse engineered the wifi protocol for controlling the optional wifi module, and developed a Homey application to control his unit.
I’m very interested in a similar approach, but from within openhab. I also have the wifi module, so I figured, it must be possible without too much of a hassle?
The Homey app can be found here and there is some talk about it here

I do have decent programming skills, and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, but developing a binding from scratch is not really in my expertise yet. I seem to be inexperienced in a lot of real world stuff (I’m an academic :upside_down_face: :man_student:), as I’m not (yet) able to read the homey code to identify the api for controlling the fireplace wifi device from that code. Any help or support is thus greatly appreciated.
Like for starters, sending commands (but which?) to the fireplace from even a simple python file run from the commandline would already get me somewhere…
I’m working my way through the openhab developer guide but even there I clearly feel my lack of real experience :slight_smile: .

I bow to you, the real MVP’s