Message archive in openhab?


is there any way to set up a (rolling) message archive? E.g. I have some sensors which can send alarms or messages (e.g. low battery level for smoke detectors, filter warning for ventilation, failure of car charger, etc.). It would be great to collect these in some sort of archive ,which I could then show as a list in the visu. The icing on the cake would be the possibility to tick them off so they disappear once I have taken care of them.


I think this is at least part of what you are looking for.

I would go with influxdb and grafana, there you can set alerts for nearly anything and then display a nice alert list on your panel!

The short answer is there is no way to do this that I have seen in OH.

  1. Save the list: this is super easy and you have lots of options including logs, persistence, a rotating set of Items, saving directly to a file yourself, etc.

  2. Show it in the UIs: You will have to write something custom for this. There is no good way to do this in BasicUI except by using a Webview (i.e. you need to create a web page yourself to show the list an process the check off marks). In HABPanel there might e a custom widget that you could adopt that might work.

It can be done but it’s going to take your coding most of it yourself.

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Thanks. I actually have Grafana and influxdb up and running for some energy consumption graphs. But can it also show text messages, e.g. “Extract-air filter - end of life” or “Smoke detector living room - battery low”? They could be represented as binary switch, i.e. as long as the item is “on”, the warning is active. I then could manually switch it off to “confirm” the warning within the system. But the latter seems to be difficult if I just use Grafana.

Bottom line: I’d like to show a table of some sort with a column for date/time, Message text, priority, maybe a repeat counter and a button to confirm/acknowledge.

Here is my alert list. You can choose if you want to only see active alerts, or a timeline of all alerts.
I would set alerts for your items and then display this list along with habpanel buttons to switch them off again.

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