Methods of custom class unknown in rules, but works from JSR223


I’ve implemented a binding that contains an action class with static methods. They return a custom builder to create a configuration and apply it.

Now I’m facing problems when I try to use it from rules. The static method is called and returns the builder (verified in debugger), but I can’t call any method of the builder in the rule.

import org.openhab.binding.tado.TadoActions
import org.openhab.binding.tado.internal.TadoHvacChange

rule "Back to schedule"
        Item BackToScheduleRule received command ON

fails with error message

Rule 'Back to schedule': An error occurred during the script execution: The name '<XMemberFeatureCallImplCustom>.followSchedule()' cannot be resolved to an item or type.

But everything is working fine in JSR223 with a Javascript rule

'use strict';


var tadoActions = Java.type("org.openhab.binding.tado.TadoActions");

var sRule = new SimpleRule() {
    execute: function( module, input) {
        events.postUpdate("BackToScheduleJS", "OFF");

        new Trigger(
            new Configuration({
                "itemName": "BackToScheduleJS",
                "command": "ON"


It looks like the rule knows the action class, but not the returned class org.openhab.binding.tado.internal.TadoHvacChange.

Can you please help me resolving the issue?
I’d be fine with using JSR223, but it’s a public binding, so both ways should work.

Thanks you very much!

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I’ve just answered you on

Note that the rule action definition is planned to be reworked at ESH to make the solution available in the old and new rule engine likewise - so I won’t go into the analysis of your specific problem as this anyhow will become deprecated.