Metrics Service with Influx 2.x

Hello all,

I am currently working on the Metric Services that openHAB offers as an addon, in addition to the normal persistence with Influx 2.x.

However, I am not getting any data pushed to the appropriate bucket in Influx. The configuration requires a user and password, but that is for Influx 1.x.

Does anyone know if it also works with Influx 2.x and how or where I should enter the token?

My openHAB environment is running on release 3.4 on a Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS inside a proxmox VM.

Thanks for your help.

It’s all on the docs: InfluxDB (0.9 and newer) - Persistence Services | openHAB

I am not talking about the regular InfluxDB persistence services. This is setup properly and working fine with Influx 2.x.

I am talking about the Metrics services addon. Metrics service - System Integrations | openHAB
And is not all in the docs. It requires user+pass which is Influx 1.x auth but allows no entry of a token which is influx 2.x auth.

Ah, gotcha. Sorry, can’t help you there. I’m using prometheus for the metrics.

Same question here.

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