MI IO Binding - color Channel Missing on Yeelight Stripe

i`m runnin into troubles when i try to integrate my
Yeelight Stripe (Yeelight YLDD01YL) !
The stripe is discovered via the Mi IO Binding but the color channel is missing.
So i can only turn the Stripe On an OFF…no color-changes :frowning:

This is what i get via Auto-Discovery

String   XiaomiMiIOStripe_NetworkSsid        "SSID"                {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:network#ssid"}
String   XiaomiMiIOStripe_NetworkBssid       "BSSID"               {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:network#bssid"}
Number   XiaomiMiIOStripe_NetworkRssi        "RSSI"                {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:network#rssi"}
Number   XiaomiMiIOStripe_NetworkLife        "Life"                {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:network#life"}
String   XiaomiMiIOStripe_ActionsCommands    "Execute Command"     {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:actions#commands"}
Switch   XiaomiMiIOStripe_Power              "Power"               {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:power"}
Number   XiaomiMiIOStripe_Brightness         "Brightness"          {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:brightness"}
Number   XiaomiMiIOStripe_Delayoff           "delayoff"            {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:delayoff"}
Number   XiaomiMiIOStripe_ColorTemperature   "Color Temperature"   {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:colorTemperature"}
Number   XiaomiMiIOStripe_ColorMode          "colorMode"           {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:colorMode"}
String   XiaomiMiIOStripe_Name               "Name"                {channel="miio:basic:04CDB0C8:name"}

The toke is correct and i already resettet the Stripe and tried this a few times.
I was on Mi Io Stable and tried yesterday the latest Snapshot Build

I also have a Bulb (1st Gen) which runs flawlessly - the bulb comes out of the Box via Auto Discovery with the color-channel which is missing on my stripe

Color    XiaomiMiIOBirne_Color              "color"               {channel="miio:basic:03362ADE:color"}

can someone help or explain what i`m doing wrong - or is this maybe a bug ?