Mi light

How do I add Mi.light YT1 LED WiFi Controller Amazon Alexa Voice Phone APP Remote Control. To openhab do I have to update binding

From Oliver

Hello Oliver,

this is a very imprecise question and difficult for me to answer. However, OpenHab has very good documentation that explains step by step how to install an OpenHab system with the required bindings. You can find it here:

After you have installed the bindings, you still have to configure them. How to do this is described in the documentation for each binding.
You can find them here:

Hope it helps you achieve your goal.

I try using mi light one

picks the old ibox up but not that one

I think that there is no direct way to connect the “mi light ibox”.
I solved this with a self made (hue bridge emulation)

Just follow the Step by Step documentation here
If you have any questions there is a good openhab community Topic here