Mi Smart Humidifier

I am planning to buy a MI Smart Humidifier.
Do someone have experience with MI Smart, should i start to add MI Smart equipment to my installation.
Today i have Rfxcom, zigbee (Hue) and ZWave.

Not running any Mi Smart devices, just 2 Air Purifiers and 1 Vacuum sofar, but the miio binding works pretty good so far and the dev is very responsive.
Maybe have a look if your device is supported before buying.

If i plan to by MI Smart devices should i go for the MI Smart Hub or is it Zigbee compatible so i should go for a Zigbee stick.

Works both ways. I’m using bunch of Mi sensors with Mi gateway and some with sonoff zbbridge flashed with tasmota.


Why are you using both?

I’ve started with Mi gateway, then I bought Sonoff ZB because better install position in my house. I’m using Mi Gateway on some visible spot for visualising different alert states, Sonoff ZB is safely stashed in some cabinet … But sensors (window, temperature, body sensor, cube, …) are working well with both ZB devices.