Mi(Xiaomi) Smart home bindings?

I purchased recently the Mi Smart home kit and wondered if anyone have made any bindings or made any reasearch agaist this product?

The gateway has the same light features as the Milight that already has a bindings, so it might be something similar is my thought.
I have not received the kit I purchased yet so have not done any research by myself.


Believe that there is no experience on this system since I did not get any reply.
I found a very interesting thing about the Mi home system I asked about, all the sensors are communicating with the gateway with ZigBee which means we could have very inexpensive ZigBee gateway and sensors. You could hardly get an ZigBee module at eBay for the price of the gateway.
The gateway, 1 button switch, 1 door sensor and 1 motion sensor cost just above 40 bucks, the sensors alone cost around 10 bucks.

That sounds very affordable to get a ZigBee gateway. Any idea about an API to send commands and receive state updates?

Sorry, no clue at all yet, still waiting for it.
Shipping from China takes some time now in the Christmas time

hi i have this device. I am very new to home automation and openhab.
I heard somewhere this zigbee is not “standard”?

Really hope someone can integrate this to openhab.
Recently xiaomi has come out with a new WIFI bulb too.(240V)


Do you remember where you read about the ZigBee is not standard? I don’t know much about ZigBee but is sound strange that it is not standard.
Anyhow I was thinking about getting the gateway interfaced with Openhab, then all the weird standard ZigBee could communicate with the gateway and we could have any information we want from the gateway.
The gateway is also quite cheap comparing to other ZigBee modules which could be used as a receiver when connected to a raspberry pi or something similar.

After I checked up on the milight I released that I was wrong, the milight is totally different from the Xiaomi’s Yeelight I was thinking about.

How is the system working as a stand alone system? Are you happy with it? The features seems to be very limited, that is why I hoped to have it interface with OH.

I think ZigBee is a standard but there this factory identity thing which make it not compatible.
I found from smartthing thread. https://community.smartthings.com/t/9-zigbee-xiaomi-door-window-sensors-probably-wont-work-with-smartthings/28607/7

My devices are quite new, 2 weeks? My home automation is pretty basic. So basically my system is a nightlight, door bell, tried the alarm arm once. I have other xiaomi product like the ant camera, air purifier, router etc.

I am trying to get Amazon Echo and OH to link to everything too.

Have you found the way to connect it?

i believe no progress on this one?
Pity - looks pretty good

Sorry for my lack in reply.
I have moved away from OH for the moment.

Anyhow, I did some research earlier and concluded that I knew too little to find some good information by myself.
I used wireshark to find some package information but wireshark did not give much information, the gateway is talking to a cloud(outside IP) with mDNS, wireshark could not understand the package.

I purchased a CC2531 zigbee sniffer using with a TI sniffer SW I got the whole package from the zigbee sensor. I think the information might be used for something, but not quite sure.
Waiting for a program card for my CC2531 so I can install Contiki OS on it so my RPI can receive the packages.

If you guys want to have this working, please spend some time in looking into it. You might have some knowledge that I don’t.

I believe this github repo with MiLight bindings might be what you’re looking for?

Even though you moved away from oh, would be great if you can share your findings.

I’ve been digging into this done while back (programming cc2531 and all) , bit did not get far enough yet. Still very interesting

Hi everyone, I recently purchased some yeelights (9W, rgbw, they communicate directly via Wi-Fi). My plan is to somehow connect those to my alarm set on my phone. I want them to gradually turn on (simulating sunrise) say half an hour before the alarm goes off. Is there an api already available or is there a way to achieve this using wireshark?
Thank y’all for your help.

Did you see this thread

Did someone managed to do this? Actually the prices of the sensors are quite affordable if you look here:

I am thinking of starting a new project and actually this is the most cheap environment i could cross with, so having the binding with openhab would be a +.

I don’t know if this is relevant…

It seems like there is some progress on SmartThings. Wish Openhab will support Xiaomi soon.

Does anybody have a chance to check this xiaomi hub-mqtt gateway with openhab?

milight is not produced by XiaoMi

Yeelight binding is being reviewed.

You can download from: