Miele wifi dishwasher


I see that your Miele binding is based on a gateway device which then communicates with the appliances using the Zigbee protocol.

The dishwasher I’m getting here in the US appears to use WiFi for it’s communications with the Miele smartphone app – the so-called Miele WiFi Conn@ct technology. I’m curious if you know whether the high level protocol is the same across the two different comm layers. Wondering how easy it would be to adapt the binding for the models that use Wifi.

Or, if you know whether Miele publishes the protocol. I’ve not been able to find any documentation on it.


@mhilbush Unfortunately I do not know to what extend the protocol is similar to the Zigbee based implementation. All I know is that Miele is shifting to a REST based solution, so I think chances are slim. You won’t find any documentation at all, unless you sign a SDK agreement with them. The current binding is a pure reverse-engineering effort


Thanks. That’s about what I expected.