Might item analyzer wearout SD card?

I am new to OH4, I am updating from 2.x. I have just realised there is a built-in persistence service on items. I have some temperature sensors which are updated almost every minute, and I am wondering if this service might cause wearout on the SD card. As I can see it is based on rrd4j. It is possible to block or control it somehow, or store data in memory instead of SD card? I am worried about because wearout has already happened with me. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you,

If you are using openHABian, the default is to put the embedded persistence files into zram so all the writes are taking place in RAM except when restarting the machine where all the changes are dumped to the file system at one go. So this is already handled for you.

If you are not using openHABian or have disabled zram, you can disable rrd4j by simply removing the add-on. Or you can set the persistence configuration to not save anything. Of course you’ll use restoreOnStartup and all charting but if you don’t use those that’s no big deal.

I would like to keep rrd4j because I use to store switch states there. So, you are writing that all data is kept in the RAM and only written to storage when system is restarted. It sounds ok.

Only with a default openHABian config. If you installed OH yourself then no, you’d have to configure it that way.

Thanks, I have openHABian.