Migrate 2.5 openhab on raspi installation to 3.0

I am using openhab for some time.
Installation is on raspbian. Ssd boot.
Updated to 2.5 from 2.4 as well as raspbian.
Still works.
I mostly use serial temperature with grafana and persistence.{database} Some z-wave devices…{fibaro}
Mqtt as well from a esp32. {mosquito}

After I updated to 3.0 with (java11 installed) everything was empty.
Sudo apt install openhab

Should my graph setup (habpanels still be working?)

I entered on all questions with yes during installation since I read it will migrate old settings.
I reverted back and have to try again.
I would appreciate some help or if I need to configure everything new?
Thank you!

What version? I suspect testing was done on Raspi OS 10.

ERSION=“9 (stretch)”

But I am updating now for a trial first to buster!

Raspi, oh2. 5,grafana,influx,1wire,ds18b20 sensors, zwave
Thx to everyone for Help!

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Is there a possibility to save some work on a fresh install raspbian buster and oh3. 0
To import my setup of oh2. 5 grafana, influx DB, habpanel and mqtt server setup?

I am not really up to date with oh3. 0 changes… I read persistence is now new! No need for influxdb? Sorry for all these questions. (waiting for buster update to finish)

Buster update OK and Java 11

Tested oh 2.5 still all working!

What next… Apt install openhab?
Kenn all settings with n on questions?

Try reviewing the Release Notes first. This forum is not a replacement for the documentation. :wink:

Thank you Bruce… It hurts but you are right…

Thx so much

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