Migrate eclipse to OH3

I am using Eclipse on SuSE Linux. I developed a binding for the Air-Q device. It works well on 2.x.
My questions:

How do I:

  1. migrate the Eclipse installation to OH3? I can’t find a place where I can make it load the 3.0 platform.
  2. publish my binding (once I can confirm it works on OH3)? The binding I developed is here: openhab-addons/bundles/org.openhab.binding.airq at 2.5.x · aurelio1/openhab-addons · GitHub . Once I migrate it to 3.0, what is the procedure to request it to be added to the official OH distribution?

See this guideline on how to develop/migrate for OH3. It includes a description on how to handle eclipse: Guide: Binding development changes for openHAB 3 (from 2.5.x)

Create a pull request on the openhab/openhab-addons GitHub repository. After review is completed and merged it will be part of the distribution.

Thank you @hilbrand - that guideline is very valuable!
I decided not to change the existing configuration but to simply reinstall Eclipse setting the OH3 branch. I understood that you did the same. I am now able to startup app.bndrun, however it does not load my binding. I added my binding into the Run Requirements of app.bndrun and I added my binding to org.openhab.demo.app/pom.xml. Any other place where I have to add or register my binding to have it loaded? I even added my binding in git/openhab-addons/pom.xml, but without any effect.

There should be no other requirements. In the documentation about eclipse ide with openHAB this is described. Eclipse IDE | openHAB Also check the animation, which shows how to launch the debug environment with a binding.