Migrate from domoticz to openhab, wait until 1.8?

I am currently using domoticz witch works great, but I want to be able to control my wemo led-bulbs and my tellstick products witch domoticz can´t.

I tried installing open hab 1.6 a while ago but I found it to hard to understand for a newbie so I went over to domoticz instead. Will 1.8 be any easier to understand/configure for a novice?

Hey, I’d probably say a wait to version 2 might be best as 1.8 won’t be any different to install.

Although the way I approached it was to keep my Domoticz system up and running and I have OpenHAB 1.7 reading from and writing to the Domoticz server. This way all my old relays and switches are still “owned” and controlled by Domoticz but OpenHAB can read their status and update them too! This lets me “tinker” with OpenHAB till I’m ready to move everything off Domoticz…

Wemo stuff is easy enough with 1.7.1. Recognized friendly names without a problem. 1.8 binding didn’t work when I tried it. 2.0 is still under heavy development so I’d say go with 1.7.1 for now. Tellstick isn’t available in the U.S. but they’re so big on open source I’m sure it couldn’t be too hard to find others running it with OH.

Is it possible to control the wemo bulbs directly using zigbee or do I have to use the wemo link?

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I believe you have to use the WeMo Link to control your WeMo LED lights.
There will be support for it in openHAB 2.0, as soon as my pull request is merged.
I just decided not to implement new devices in the 1.x version of the WeMo binding.


1.6 won’t be any different from 1.8 as far as how the system works and what you need to do to get it setup and running. If you found it challenging getting started with it, you’d be better off sticking with your existing solution until OpenHAB 2 is officially released.