Migrate HABpanel to another device

How can I move or migrate a HABpanel which I have developed on a PC to a iPad?
I’m using OH2.


When you’re happy with your set of dashboards, go back to “Advanced settings” and either “Show the local configuration object” (the only available if using openHAB 1) and copy the JSON object somewhere to back it up, or click on “Save the current configuration to a new panel configuration”; this will store it on the openHAB 2 server and make it available for reuse.


many thanks!

This is an old post but I am looking for a command-line only way to do that. Can I do the “import” from a file via a command. My project is running on a small touchscreen and the operations described here are not that easy on the screen.

EDIT: copying the file


across machines seems like it does the trick :wink: