Migrate Things, Model, Items, Pages etc from OH3 to OH4 on new RaspPi?

Hi everyone,
I’m currently running OH with openHABian (32-bit) on a RaspPi 4B on version 3.4.0.
Due to various reasons unrelated to OH I am currently setting up a new SD card with openHABian 64-bit and OH version 4.
I would like to move my things, model, items, pages etc. to a new OH 4 instance with openHABian (64-bit version).

I have a full backup from the openhab-cli command. The things etc. are all stored in the jsonDB.

What would be the best way to migrate the things, model etc. to the new OH 4 instance?

Thanks for your help!

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and have a new SD card with the 64-bit openHABian.

Install OH 3.4.0 on the new machine.

Use openhab-cli to restore your backup.

Upgrade to OH 4.0.1.

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Like so openHAB 4 migration FAQ

But do not use 64bit, it uses a lot more mem but has no benefits. Stay with 32.

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