Migrate things to OH3

Hi all

Started to delve into OH3 and started migrating. Will use this opportunity to switch from a VM installation to Docker.

I’ve got a question about things though, hope someone can confirm:
I had a mix in OH2 of *.things files for a few specific bindings, but started adding most of the things through PaperUI.
I did a fresh install (Docker) and started moving a few files to OH3. The *.things files work without change and corresponding *.items files too.
Is it correct, that there’s no way of migrating the things I defined in PaperUI?

What’s the best way here? I have a lot of items and don’t want to change them if not necessary. Will the items work if I create the things in OH3 using the same name?

And after I’ve got the things, I can add them as equipment to the model, no matter if they were migrated from *.things files or if I just created them in OH3, correct?

Thanks a lot


Correct. Equipment is just a Group Item with a special Equipment tag from this table.

Thanks a lot for the quick confirmation!

OK great. Is there a way to re-use existing groups for that by tagging them?
Example: In OH2 I grouped all Items for a Sonos speaker, so gSonosBathroom and gSonosLivingRoom. There is also a parent group gSonosAll that contains the other groups. But in this case, I would need to re-use gSonosBathroom as Equipement in the bathroom location and gSonosLivingRoom in the living room location.

If not, I assume there’s no downside of just moving everything over including my groups. Then assigning them to the model which creates new groups.

Yes - see this post:

You won’t be able to tag Group Items within the UI if they were created in an Items file, though. You have to do it in the file itself, as per the above.

Don’t think there is a downside, just personal preference! Either should work!

Wonderful, that should be all the info I need to start with the migration. Thanks!