Migrate to new Z-Stick


I’ve just purchased a new Aeotec Z-Stick, the new Gen5 model, to replace my older Z-Stick s2. Are there any tips to smoothly switch over to it, or is it entirely a manual process? The manual way would be to disassociate every device with the old stick, then associate them all with the new stick, and finally update all of the item numbers in my items config files.



Unfortunately I believe that is the only option. There is no way to export/migrate a Z-Wave network from one stick to another. I am in the same boat and have been putting it off for this very reason!

D’oh. Oh well. Maybe we can harness some sort of team spirit to get us past this chore. Come on Ben! No time like the present! I’m going to migrate mine this evening. No more procrastination! Go team! :smile:

I think I have about 25 devices to do…

Hi - is there any evidence they did in fact build it into the Gen5 stick? I bought one hoping they would - as I’ve got zwave devices hidden behind sockets it would be a huge pain to have to re-include everything from scratch if my zwave stick dies…


Not sure about the backup option, but I went through the process of migrating my 25 devices to a new Gen5 stick and it was relatively painless. Took a few hours and I had to reconfigure all nodes since when you re-include they appear to lose all previous config (didn’t realise this before starting).

Must say I am pretty happy with the new Gen5 stick. Range seems much better, and haven’t had a single issue single firing it up (only 5 days admittedly).

A backup option would be nice tho…

As for re-inclusion, only my Fibaro Universal Sensors needed physical access to the device. All in-wall relays and dimmers can be excluded/included via triple clicks on the wall switch usually.

My migration was fairly straightforward as well. I took screenshots of all the configuration parameters of my nodes, and reset them all as I added them to the new stick. I wish the z-wave subsystem would automatically detect the re-insertion of the stick and start the monitoring thread again. I had to stop & start openHAB every time, and sometimes it stalled for a few minutes during the startup process.

My Fibaro dimmers caused me most trouble, as I somehow forgot to screenshot their settings and they were adjusted to work with LED bulbs. I dug out the old settings from the old xml files which I’d moved to a temporary directory before I started.

Can you let me know which parameters you adjusted as I lost mine too, and can’t seem to get them working exactly as they were before (LEDs also)?

Actually, don’t worry, I managed to find an old backup with my ZWave node config files!

I haven’t tested this (yet…), but when you’re able to run both sticks at the same time, it should be possible to include the new controller into you current network, and then have the old controller transfer its role as ‘primary’ to the new controller.

I’m not sure if this is possible through the Openhab / Habmin interfaces,

I would have thought this would work as well. Has anyone asked Chris? He may be able to comment.