Migrate Zwave Network off Vera to Z Stick

Hi all,
Ive been using the Mios Binding for ages ( no long after it was created iirc! ) to link OH to my Vera Lite.

All works pretty well although sometimes some devices take longer than id like to respond…most of the time its ok, just sometimes…and i suspect Vera is the cause of the delay as such ive been thinking of moving off of the Vera and use the Aeon Z Stick i have in my ‘box-o-bits’!

My Z Wave network only really consists of 20+ in-wall modules ( switch and dimmers ) and a few plug-in switches.

I’d like to not have to open up the walls to re-pair the modules with the z-stick and from what i’ve read/understand, i should be able to add the Z stick as a “secondary/slave controller” and once up and running OH using the Z Stick remove the Vera as PRI controller and make the Z Stick the PRI controller…

As for Items/Things - i expect i can comment out my existing items using the MIOS binding and replace them with the Thing channels…and thus have zero downtime…?

Am i correct on the above assumptions?

Yes, you are correct. There are some posts about shifting from secondary to primary. I’ve used the Zensys Tools app for this.

OK thanks…
I guess first step is to add this Zstick to the existing Zwave network.
I grabbed a copy of the Zensys Tools which seems to have the functionality to do this.

Here are some details, but this included bringing the zstick back to node 1 in order to use a minimote.

Thanks again - looks quite a process to get it back to Node1, but ive got my Zstick added to the network and can see all the other devices.

I do have a Minimote…but dont use it…so will cross that bridge if/when needed.