Migrated stiebel eltron heatpump binding for openhab

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(kreutpet) #41

Hi Holger,
// update uploaded for 1.

great to see things are moving on your side.

  1. yes, will put it on my todo.should be an easy one and done sone
    originally it was intented to be used to start from scratch andget some inital bytes from the heatpump.
    If you get your heatpump already online and the version fits you get the parsed values in the debug log
  2. in the thing paramaters you can find a parameter called waiting time. default value is set to 1200 ms
    this its the time between the request. some heatpumps do have limited CPU and boud rate and do need some time to get a nother request. For my LWZ303i 2.06 the default value worked reliable
    a possible scenario could be also that there is no response coming from the heatpump to the send request.
  3. you can find the examples in the github thingtpye

I am currently abroad and hae limited testing capabilities
By end of next week i will be able to upload a new version.
I will try to upload something today, but the code was not verified and tested on my heatpump


(Holger) #42

Hi Peter,
your last upload does not work:

[DEBUG] [tpump.handler.stiebelheatpumpHandler] - Exception occurred during getting inital setting from thing channelgroup configuration stiebelheatpump:channelGroupTypeNominalValues: Rounding necessary

But take your time!

(kreutpet) #43

upps will do some improvements on typ conversion and upload a new verision
will need to debug on my heatpump


(kreutpet) #44

uploaded new version

update: improved the link and unlink of channels and keep the list of request up to date

(kreutpet) #45

new feature added to the binding and uploaded.

added the heating , ventilation and hot water program to the settings.
it was quit difficult to handle the bit and time information. the bit information, e.g. program enabled are now handled as a switch in the paperUI.
also stablized the and resolved bug.
Setting of parameter settings works well
i have started to create some charts in habpanel , will post some pictures soon.


(kreutpet) #46

here a screenshot of the measurements in habpanel

upper values are measuerment of the energymeter and below 2 charts temperature measurements of the heatpump


(kreutpet) #47

Hi John ,

i finally found the interface in the heatpump.

I guess it is the EIB extern terminal to connect to.
Do you recommended a CAN to USB or RS232 converter ?

The link you provided contains all information to implement an additional binding or extend the existing binding.
The reason why i am interested is that the rs232 interface is quit slow and always works with register. on the CAN bus it seems you can access and set individual parameter.


(kreutpet) #48

Hi Holger,
any news on the heatpump version you have.
Do you need some suppor to define the channels?


(Holger) #49

Hi Peter,
due to a bereavement in our family I can not continue here for a while.
What I can tell you so far is that the exception (“Rounding necessary”) is gone. I think I understood how to adapt the XML file for a different firmware version. Please update your github code, then I can start coding later.


(kreutpet) #50

my deepest condolences, take your time…

Will keep my git clone updated .
Sooner or later i will create a pull request.
I propose that with the knowledge i have from the Fhem etc. i could add the basic 5.09 and 5.39 channels. e.g. version, time , current measurements

As you can see i added quit a lot of additional channels for advanced parameters.
These once will require more testing.


(kreutpet) #51

i always have issues with the git ;-( and as i work on >2 binding i created an own branch for our stiebel binding.
In case you like to contribute please use this link here


(Shorty707) #52

after brwosing through this thread I still dont understand
does the binding use

  • ISG fromstiebel? (which? normal ? plus?..)
  • or can bus + tinkering can to serial stuff?


(kreutpet) #53

is connects directy to the serial interface of the heatpump
see here

(Shorty707) #54

cool there a ready to use adapter for can bus to usb or rs?
(something in a german online shop maybe?)
or must be soldered?

(kreutpet) #55

adatper is describe in link provide

(Shorty707) #56

yes I saw that. just thought maybe somebody already offers a ready one to buy.

so probably not and some soldering needed

(Shorty707) #57

sorry for asking more :frowning:
i would like to attach the stiebel heatpump to a raspberry and then have oh2 getting the data from there

so i would not need my oh machine wired to the heatpump
and i could have a pi with pican2 in the heater room

any chance to get that working?


(kreutpet) #58

no problem…
CAN bus interface at heatpump is availble but the binding today does not support the CAN bus protokoll.
i am not using a raspberry pi but youshould find in onlineshop plenty of rs232 solutions
maye this helps

(VanHogan) #59

Hi Folks,

nice to see the improvements. Thanks Peter, will try it the following days. I will report back my status :wink:

As for connecting options:
I had some trouble to connect my heatpump over the selfmade connector and after some searches around the direct CAN connection was a bit to risky for me. So i ended up connecting the heatpump via the internal USB. All you need is a USB A-to- B cable. The rest is configuring the binding :wink:

(ofc you have to find a way out of the heatpump casing. for me the gaps at the diagnostic port worked)

Hope i helped.


(kreutpet) #60

i was not aware of any USB , could you share photo or digram indicating the point of connection.
I have an LWZ303i