Migrated to 3.1 from 2 blocky not working, dependency missing?

So, I have just upgraded to openhab 3.1 from previous 2, so far old stuff is working fine, however when I try to make a simple new script testing out blocky I get

Script execution of rule with UID ‘Z2Dock’ failed: org.graalvm.polyglot.PolyglotException: ReferenceError: “events” is not defined

It seems as if the engine to parse the script from blocky is missing though all my old stuff is working just fine?

I’m wondering that because I also see a
Failed to retrieve script script dependency listener from engine bindings. Script dependency tracking will be disabled.

It almost feels like some stuff that should be installed is missing and I am wondering if I perhaps messed up the migration, except everything else seems to be running fine.
I’ve also tried a full reinstall now, removing old version and installing new

I’m installing it on a debian headless server via apt process, running in an lxc container on proxmox.

Did you install the GraalVM JavaScript add-on? That is not compatible with Blockly nor is it compatible with most of the JavaScript examples you’ll find on the forum nor the Helper Libraries. It’s a wholly separate rules implementation that replaces the natively built in JavaScript that openHAB comes with by default.

The native ECMAScript 5.1 imports a lot of stuff you need to interact with openHAB in your rules by default. The GrallVM ECMAScript 9 (I think) imports nothing and you have to explicitly import and instantiation that stuff yourself. Blockly was written for the native ECMAScript approach.

Ah, So there is native javascript support without installing any of the automation javascript addons
I had this installed

Uninstalling fixes the issue, thank you.