Migrating from Domoticz

Hi All,

I want to migrate from domoticz to openhab, I have all my devices (137) binded to a primary z-wave controller which is an Aeotec z-wave stick (the stick itself is the controller, as you might know)
I really would like to migrate without removing and adding all the devices again.

So, my question is, is it possible to just swap the stick and let it control by openhab ?

If all devices are supported by openhab Z-wave database, I would assume you could just swap platform.
But @chris might be able to answer this best and if there may be any issues to clear first.

Welcome to OH :slight_smile:

Yes, as @Kim_Andersen suggests, this is fine. The list of nodes that are included in the network is stored on the stick, so when you plug the stick in to your openHAB computer, it will read this list and learn about the devices.

Battery devices will need to be woken up so the system can learn about them.

You can also swap between the systems, and in general, it should work on either system. I say “in general” as there is some reconfiguration performed, and depending on what domoticz does, it may or may not matter.

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I come from Domoticz too and I confirm that nothing needs to be done.
In my configuration the devices were in Aeon Labs Contrôleur Z-Wave Plus Z-Stick Gen5…
OH with the binding Zwave have detected automaticaly the devices stored in my stick…

Thanks guys ! That really helps… will start with it.
All my automation is in node red so I need some things to change there as well (mqtt) , but that is much less work

Hi Vincent,

I’m also thinking of switching to Openhab from Domoticz. How are your experiences after one month?

Not good, the system is stable but it does not work up to my expectations.

Too much setup with rooms and floors, bad inplementation on MQTT (remeber, I use node-red for all automation)

I’m now running homeseer, commercial, sure, bit runs very well and brings some very good tools for a larger (117 nodes) z-wave network.