Migrating from Zipabox -> Found Problems with S0 security devices

Hi =), I try to migrate from my Zipabox 2 installation to openhab 2 =). I managed to get my Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 included as a secondary controller - so far so good. With openhab I can control all non-secure devices, but not the securely-included ones…these seem to appear as things, but I can’t control them with items. I extradited the S0 security-Key from silabs PC z-wave software and inserte it to openhab but no luck…As someone a tip for me, or can help?

BTW: Thanks @chris and the other developers for the awesome z-wave Binding =). Tested it on openhab directly included devices, and love it! That’s why I wanted to dump zipabox :wink:

I can only really imagine that there is something wrong with the key transferred between systems and the binding can’t use the devices securely. That’s obviously a guess, but in general security works fine so it should also work in your system.

Okay I see…maybe the devices are wrongly displayed as s0 because the aeotec Z-Stick is maybe included as s0 and cannot decypt the other ones…so I have to reinclude?

So I’m not sure I understand the exam question here, but let me provide a few points that may answer…

  • The Aeotec stick doesn’t do any of the security functions - this is all done by the application software (the binding in the case of OH).
  • If the devices were included using S2, then it will not work in OH and you’ll need to reinclude them.

Ok thanks for the great help :slight_smile: I’ve done some more investigation… I can control the devices with the pc software (on off). I gather then the information about them, and they show included as S0…I tried to extradite the s0 key with the software from silab and inserted it to OpenHab… I still can’t control them…maybe I’m doing something wrong here… I will look through it :slight_smile: thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

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I finally gave up on the matter, because it seems impossible…I was never able to control any security device with openhab as secondary controller…I will reinclude them manually to openhab. Great thanks for all the help!