Migrating MQTT 1.x to MQTT 2.4 & transformationPattern

Hi there!

I migrate from MQTT 1.x to MQTT 2.4.

After a lot of trouble using the new binding, i am able to send mqtt-messages.

Now i need to transform them to JSON-format. I am using the zigbee2mqtt-stick.

OK. I will show you my files:

mqtt.thing file (connection works fine)

    Thing topic MQTT_Flur {
        Type switch : MQTT_Status_Flur	                                      [ commandTopic="zigbee2mqtt/flurlicht_klein/set", on="ON", off="OFF", transformationPattern="JS:setZigbeeState.js"]

mqtt.items file

Switch	Status_Flur		         "Flurlicht"			                    {channel="mqtt:topic:mosquitto:MQTT_Flur:MQTT_Status_Flur"}



    var result = new Object();
    result.state = x;
    return JSON.stringify(result);

The problem: via MQTTfx i get only ON or OFF; not the JSON-format.

Any idea? and Thx

I think you need binding 2.5M1 (?) to have outgoing transforms, and you would in any case need to use transformationPatternOut :