Migrating RRD4J Persistance Data to new Server

Hi, i’ve changed last week from my OH 3.0.1 docker instance to an OH 3.0.1 on Openhabian (Rasberry). I’ve kept all my items things etc. by copying the userdata files.

I got an awesome performance boost but unfortuneatly something seem to have gone wrong with my Persistance files. I still kept a copy but no persistance data (e.g. historic temperature measurements) showed.
Checking settings there was no persistance service selectable but after removing and installing rrd4j persistance (which i used before) rrdj4 was finally selectable as persistance service.

However it seems like it started from scratch and ignored existing files - even though none of the items changed.

Is there a way to append the historic data to my new persistance history?
I’ve also noticed that for using Openhabcloud i got a new ID - might this be the cause why RRD4J doesn’t recognize my old files?

I can’t upload that specific file because of its extension - but if it’s of any help i can upload it to some cloud storage.