Migrating to openHAB 2.0

I am looking at Migrating to openHAB 2.0.
What I have seen is that i probably have to rewrite all >100 rfxcom and zwave items.
Have I understand this correct?


There are two ways to proceed.

  1. You use OH2 with the OH1.x bindings and config and leave everything pretty much as is.
  2. You can use the OH2 versions of those bindings and rewrite your item files linking your items to the appropriate OH2 channels.
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Please note that it’s still not possible to configure zwave with file in oh2.

There is no official 1.9.0 for rfxcom, what version should i use?


I guess the 1.x RFXCOM hasn’t been marked as compatible. There’s some documentation here regarding that process, if you’re technical/advanced you could try testing it yourself and providing feedback.

That is true for the 2.0 version binding. The 1.9 version binding MUST be configured only in text files.

RFXCOM is not listed as one of the “known not to work” 1.9 version bindings. It might be that no one has tested and reported that it works yet so it can be made part of the distro. See


I now have this in the log:

[WARN ] [rialmessage.IsFailedNodeMessageClass] - NODE 2: Is currently marked as failed by the controller!

How do i fix this when I can not use any GUI, in 1.X i should have handled this in habmin.


It is pretty well hidden. I’m not an expert, there may be other ways to do this. This is how I fixed my dead nodes recently.

First, accept the Thing out of your Inbox (PaperUI or Habmin).
In Habmin (note Habmin has a bug where it won’t work through a proxy right now) go to Configuration -> Things.
Select the Thing bound to that node.
Click on Tools in the upper right and select "Show advanced settings"
Click on Tools again and you will see an option “Remove device from controller”

You should see a dark yellow box flash up telling you if it successfully removed it or not.

Unfortunately I have a number of nodes where when I try to remove them I get “node was not found”. If it isn’t found what is it doing in my Inbox?

Had to go back to 1.X.
It seems that 2.0 is not mature enough.
To much problems with documentation, ZWave, Harmony and Weather bindings.


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When I do my next try.
Is there an way to stream edit the item file with all my rxfcom items to generate things and items.


All of that stuff is saved into a JSON DB in /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb. It should be possible to build a script that converts your existing .items files to .things files or populate the DB directly. I don’t know if anyone has written such a script yet.

@rlkoshak have you heard if there is a script yet so I can update the rfxcom binding to 2.0.


I know if no script not of anyone working on such a script.