Migration due to ESH reintegration

Hi all,

Since big changes have been announced to the core/distro/addons, this means that we have to adapt/migrate the docs too during this process.

Currently we are generating different parts out of the ESH Repo which need to get back into to our own documentation structure,
While this will be a bit of work for sure, we have the chance to simplify the build process a bit and (what i really like) get full controll of some articles. (For example som eof the concepts articlesare affected here.)

Another big task in this process is the migration of the development documentation.
From my view this is a priority task for three reasons.

  1. We have to migrate it anyway now
  2. We agreed to improve this documentation part at the last smarthome day and in some discussions here
  3. We need to touch it anyway since our packaging will be changed and some big parts will get outdated this way.

Read more about the background if these changes here

I will try to get an overvoew of what can be simply copied to the docs and what we should adapt or even write completely new.
Maybe you can help me out with informations and ideas and i would try to collect them here in this thread.
If it gets too messy or we need to focus on a special docs part somewhere we can split that up to an own thread at any point.

Thanks to all and have a great weekend.



This is a dummy post for later usage. Please scroll down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a small update.
Currently there is only the concepts section and some structural .csv files left for migration.
I have started migrating the concepts articles some minutes ago.
All addon related docs are already served through openhab repos for a while now.

Still left on the agend will be the improving of the different areas, even tough @kai already started doing this for the development area, which made the navigation way better already.


Joining in.
I created an update of the Things documentation (triggered by the massive problems observed with mqtt binding). All I did was copy&paste parts from the Eclipse Smarthome documentation.
If you agree, I could do some more of such.

Standing by…


Should I stand by or start writing a PR?

Just start and link it here.
Others can follow the overall process and maybe jump in or help out with proofreading.
That was the main intention for this thread. :slight_smile:

The major (or nearly all) parts of the documentation have been transferred already and with a huge pr for an updated development documentation this orga thread isn’t necessary anymore.