Migration FHEM -> OH3 (HomeMatic)

Hi dear Community,

I’m somehow quite desperate currently, … I can’t tell where/what my mistake(s) are :frowning:

But first this:

  • Platform information:

    • Hardware: x86 (AMD Ryzen7 3600x) / 16GB / enough storage
    • OS: ubuntu 20.04
    • Java Runtime Environment: the suggested Zulu 11
    • openHAB version: OH3
  • Issue of the topic:
    I have Openhab3 up and running, … I just need to configure it properly.
    The situation is, … I currently have a RaspberryPI (3) with two Stackable CC1101 from
    busware. (One for 868, the other for 433 Mhz traffic)
    I have successfully paired a few homematic devices to FHEM, which is running on the Raspberry. I really like to get rid of this and replace it with something modern.

So my plan is to go with Openhab3, which I have already set up and is running.
I learned that I need HomeGear for Homematic devices?
I was quite surprised about that, so one question would be, why Openhab can’t support that natively?

The setup would be as described above. Commodity hardware with a CUL …

I learned that I need to unpair the homematic devices from/with FHEM first. I tried this, … but either this isn’t successful ( I always waited until all commands were processed ) or my new pairing attempt from HomeGear is unsuccessful.

I’m not aware of any AES the FHEM would be using, I can’t see anything the like.
I already tried to unpair and then reset the devices … also then a pairing attempt in Homegear isn’t successful.

I do see data arriving at homegear, when I initialize the CUL with “X27” and “Ar”.

I’m able to successfully pair the devices to FHEM (again?).

The devices (all thermostats by the way) are not peered with anything.

Hopefully you can help me with this

best regards
Marcel ( Frankfurt / Germany )

Welcome to openHAB!

Where did you hear that? According to the docs:

Supported Bridges

All gateways which provides the Homematic BIN- or XML-RPC API:

The Homematic IP Access Point does not support this API and and can’t be used with this binding.

Homematic IP support:

As the saying goes, before asking, why, make sure to ask if. But in general the answer to such questions will always be “because no one has implemented it.” It’s all 100% volunteer effort here.

Beyond that, I personally don’t know this technology so hopefully someone will be along to help with those specific problems.