Migration from 2.5 to 3 not available in OpenHabian Config Tool

Hi all,

I am currently running OpenHabian with OH 2.5.12-1 and would like to migrate to OH 3.
Following the migration docs, I ran sudo openhabian-config and expected openhabian-config to ask me whether I would like to update. However, openhabian-config didn’t ask.


  • On startup, openhabian-config tries to access bintray, which of course fails.
  • There is no menu item in openhabian-config for the update to OH 3.
  • I could successfully run menu items “01 Update” and “02 Upgrade System”, but still no update option for OH 3 available.

I would be gratefule for any hint.



Here are the messages that appear on startup of openhabian-config:


No reason to believe it should. The docs don’t say that, do they.
Second, the master branch has long been deprecated. Your openHABian is ancient because you have not updated in a long time that’s why it has no upgrade option.

You can try to (as root in shell)

cd /opt/openhabian
git checkout stable

then start openhabian-config again.

but no guarantees that’ll work.
Needless to say, usual caution should apply (make a system backup before this etc.).

Thanks a lot for your reply. I will give it a try.

I was referring to this part of the docs, but may have misinterpreted it.

Number 2 in

  1. Connect to the SSH command line and execute: sudo openhabian-config
  2. When being asked, answer that you want to update.
  3. Select the menu entry"03 - Install openHAB" option.

is refering to the update of openhabian-config.
As you are on an old ‘tree’ you do not get that question ( any more ).

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