Migration from Domoticz to openHAB2

Hi all,

I have a Domoticz installation running on a RPi and my Synology NAS using:
an RFLink for some cheap switches,
an AEOTec ZWave USB controller for my Zwave dimmers and switches,
a Harmony Hub for my MultiMedia connection,
an integration with my SolarEdge solar power generation installation,
and a P1 connection to my smart meter.
Recently I’ve bought a couple of Google Home mini’s to control this installation by voice, but have found out that integrating this is not as easy as I thought.

Now I’m looking at OpenHAB, because that has bindings tot Google Home.
Ofcourse I’m wondering if moving to OpenHAB will be as easy and rewarding as I think it should be.
Anyone here who has experience with such a migration? What are the loopholes? And is everything I have running now supported in OH?

Thanks in advance for any reaction!

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Rasberry
    • OS: Rasbian
    • Java Runtime Environment: Any
    • openHAB version: New
  • Issue of the topic: Migration Domoticz setup.


I don’t have experience with migration from Domoticz but I can tell you that all of the stuff that you have can be integrated in openHAB2.

Z-Wave [Yes]
Harmony Hub [Yes]
SolarEdge [Yes]
RFLink [Yes]
P1 Smart Meter [Depends]
Google Home [Yes]

Only 1: somewhat steep learning curve.
It maybe bit difficult to start with OH2 (you should read a lot of docs & examples) but it gets easier over time.

More info are needed on the P1 Smart Meter connection to see if it can be linked to OH2

@Huppeltje15 Regarding the P1 Smart Meter (DSMR) binding. The binding is not yet present in the current release openHAB 2.3. The one available in that release is the old binding. I suggest to use the new binding. This binding is available in the Eclipse Market Place (In Paper UI , in Configuration -> System -> enable Marketplace and set Maturity Level to Beta). Or install openHAB 2.4 snapshot version.

You might want to install openHABian A complete OS included setup for Raspberry Pi. Maybe you’re using the Raspberry Pi for other things too, so your end solution might be different, but as a start you can just put openHABian on an SDcard to give it a try.

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I moved from Domoticz to openHab recently too. There are some pros and cons of each of them, but in general I quite like the general ease of use and UI of openHab. The additional UIs are useful too (HabPanel, REST etc).
The main thing that confused me with the move was the fact that openHab has changed a lot between v1 and v2 so a lot of documentation is a little out of date. Then there’s the fact that you can add bindings/things/items in two different ways; via text file config and visually via Paper UI.

RFLink is actually a different product RFXCom than @Dim pointed to. There is no official support for RFLink. There is some work on a binding on a separate repository: https://github.com/cyrilcc/org.openhab.binding.rflink. It seems there is some active development too, so it might submitted to the main openHAB repository one day. I also like the RFLink software, but its development future is somewhat vague and also the fact it’s not open witheld me form investing time to build support in openHAB. In general it would be nice if there would be open 433 software.

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