Migration from Home Assistant to OPENHAB and installation type

Hi to all.
I’m new and I’m using HomeAssistant from 3 years but I’m pretty boared about how much the platform is unstable. I want to move to OPENHAB. Mainly I use zigbee components with Raspbee and Deconz but I also have a Conbee 2 stick. And I use also wifi component controlled via MQTT and Mosquito.
If someone can help me about his experience and also choose with kind of installation is better or if is more or less the same If I choose for example a custom installation with SD Image if in the future is easy to move to another installation moving some configuration files.
Thank you and regards!

OH has a Zigbee add-on as well as a Deconz add-on. Unfortunately a lot of unofficial Zigbee products (i.e. products that add on to the Zigbee standard instead of sticking to strict Zigbee like Aquaria and Ikea) do not has as much coverage in the Zigbee binding as you may find in a service like zigbee2mqtt which is what a lot of people use with openHAB for Zigbee support. If you only have products that bear the Zigbee logo, it should be standard Zigbee and the add-on will almost always support it out of the box. If not, check the list of supported devices in the add-on docs.

This is pretty standard stuff in OH. So much so it’s part of the Getting Started Tutorial.

The easiest is to use openHABian. This is an SD image that starts with a stock Raspberry OS and during the first boot installs and configures openHAB and supported services for you. There is an openhabian-config that lets you install more services like Mosquitto, Node-Red, and I think even zigbee2mqtt.

It’s less work for you and easiest for us to help support when using openHABian. We can make assumptions about how everything is installed and configured and there is lots of stuff built in like zram (to limit writes to the SD card) and Frontail (to see the logs in the browser).

All openHAB configs, even those done through the UI, are saved in text files. Moving OH configs between systems is almost as easy as copying the files. And even there we have backup and restore script that can do this for you. The big gotcha is you need to pay attention to versions. It often doesn’t work to restore configs from one version of OH onto a different version of OH.


And deconz. I suggest you install it and use the deconz binding in OH.

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