Migration from OpenHABian to Raspbian with OpenHAB

I have setup everything in my OpenHABian on Raspberry Pi 3 B+. But now I bought touchscreen and I wanted to use it with my Rbpi. But OpenHABian doesn’t have a desktop UI. I tried installing different desktops and failed. So my only choice is to use Raspbian with OpenHAB on it. But it is a cumbersome job to transfer my entire setup as it is to Raspbian manually. So I was thinking of a way to transfer each and every setup from OpenHABian to Raspbian. Or if someone has successfully enabled desktop on OpenHAB then it would be great. Let me know if I am posting in the wrong place.

openHABian IS Raspbian. It just starts with the Lite version of Raspbian and installs and configures everything for you from scratch.

So you can either follow https://diyprojects.io/install-pixel-desktop-raspbian-stretch-lite-10-essential-software-raspberry-pi-3/

Or you can install Raspbian PIXEL and then follow the manual instructions for installing openHABian to get openHAB and related stuff installed.

Well, there’s probably a couple of misunderstandings here.
There is no need for a desktop. You can use any other computer. If you insist it has to be your Pi, as Rich said you can just install the missing packages.

BUT it is a bad idea trying to run a desktop together with openHAB on a Pi. Memory is just too limited for that (which also is the reason why we don’t like this setup and recommend against).

If you still want it to be on the same machine, you can install openHABian on top of any Ubuntu Linux on x86 hardware.

i installed raspberry pi ui mods and everything is fine and working… thanks for replying… :slight_smile: