Migration of Novelan/Luxtronic binding to OpenHAB2

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Hi all

Are there any plans to migrate the Novelan/Luxtronic binding to OH2?


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I also hope someone would migrate it to openhab2.

This is the only binding which block me to update to Openhab 3 :sob:
Hope someone could migrate this binding because Openhab 3 is very impressive. Thinking about donation…


also for me, it is the own binding which block to upgrade to OH3.

Looking at the migration list there is no information known about someone migrating this binding.
Looking at the source code of the version 1 binding it should not be too hard to migrate to openHAB 3. The most work is probably in creating a thing xml definition and reorganizing some of the code. If there is someone who wants to pick up the migration I can do a rough migration first to get you started (that is creating the base, and copy in the old code in the new structure). Work would be to create the thing xml and getting it to work/test.


Hi Hilbrand
Same here. This binding would be a blocking point to upgrade to OH3.

I wrote quite many rules on openhab and did some low level integration of new devices via modbus but I am not familiar with binding development at all. So if you could help and do a rough migration that would be very much appreciated.
Is this the latest source code of the binding? There is also documentation page. BR Thomas

Last version is at openHAB1 repo master and the documentation is in the README

I’ve setup a starting point on my repo: GitHub - Hilbrand/openhab-addons at luxtronik (I’ve renamed to luxtronik as that seems to be the proper name?) Work to do: Create the channels/configuration in the things xml, and messages file/channel (options), complete the readme. In general the logic should be almost complete. Another change to be made is to use proper QuanityType’s for specific channels. Like for temperature channels. I won’t be continuing from here. But if help is needed feel free to ask.

Thanks Hibrand. Completely agree with the naming.
Luxtronik is a heat pump controller of the company Alpha InnoTec, which is used in heat pumps of Alpha InnoTec, Buderus (Logamatic HMC20, HMC20 Z), CTA All-In-One (Aeroplus), Elco, Nibe (AP-AW10), Roth (ThermoAura®, ThermoTerra), Novelan (WPR NET), Wolf Heiztechnik (BWL/BWS) and some more…

I would really appreciate to get this binding migrated to Openhab 3.
Thanks for all the work!

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Same for me.
This binding allows controlling the heatpump easyli from anywhere. The ‘Alpha Control’ app doesn’t help since access is limited to UDP. Therefore not even a VPN-tunnel helps.
Browswer-based access doesn’t really provide a great UX on smartphones.
And last but not least: it helps me to make better use of my own electricity (PVA) through automation (rules). And Alexa even keeps me up to date :slight_smile:
Hence I would def. appreciate a new binding!

I would also be very happy about an update. Until then I use a python script (python-luxtronik) to read the data and write it with python-openhab then into openhab. But this is by far not as comfortable as a real binding.

I would also be really happy if this binding would be transfered to OH3. I am logging some data of my heatpump with this binding.

Same here - I also use the Novelan Heatpump Binding heavily.
Yet it appears - so far no one is able to upgrade this binding to OH3 - and neither am I :frowning:

But if someone would be able & willing, I found a pretty good documentation of the Luxtronic Interface:

Maybe this helps… - until then I will also stay on OH2 …

Hi Hilbrand
I looked into openhab addon developement today and I believe it would be doable for me to pick up your work. Just want to make sure no one else is working on it at the same time.
Do you know if anyone started on it already?



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as I really really wanted to move to OH3 I found a workaround by installing NodeRed. So now I can also obtain the values from my luxtronik via NodeRed.
I basically followed this example here:
Loxforum Luxtronic
A rather simple flow that actually works - yet… I have another container running in my RasPi Docker…

So I will probably also instantly change back to a native binding once @ChaosKid42 is able to provide one - THANKS a lot for volunteering!!!

I had a conversation with @Thomas_Gfeller and he was starting working on this.

There is still a lot of work left but at least I have a working prototype:

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Hi ChaosKid42, I see you made good progress. I stop on my side, it does not make sense if we are doing the same thing twice.
BR Thomas

Finished the migration to openHAB3 (at least as far as I can see now). Is submitted a pull request here: [luxtronic] Migration of novelan binding from openHAB1 by ChaosKid42 · Pull Request #9623 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub
There you’ll also find a link to a binary version of the plugin which you can test if you like.


it works!
great job and THX!