Migration: Pre-Migration Clean-Up

Hi All,

I’ve started from scratch 3 or 4 times over the past five years with openhab but finally have a relatively stable and operational OpenHABian install running on a raspberryPi 4 with a SSD drive.

With dozens of hue bulbs, tasmota sensors, nest and Ecobee devices, weather items and more I have a mix of several hundred items stored in either items files or the jsondb.

As we head into our quiet season I’m simultaneously excited/inspired to:
1 - migrate to OpenHAB 3
2 - clean/standardize all my item naming/grouping/labeling conventions to make it easier for me to configure/automate

So I feel inclined to move everything into item files and then do search/replace across things/items/rules/sitemaps.

But I’m worried I’m going in the wrong direction…

What should I do as I get ready to move to 3.0?