Migration to new RaspBerry Pi AND RazBerry to Z-WAVE USB Stick

I hope I can get some advice here.

I am currently running openHAB 3 on a RaspBerry Pi 3 using the RazBerry board. I am using a number of FIBARO RollerShutters 2 and 3, FIBARO Single Switch 2 and Sensitive Strips Guard.

I am planning to migrate everything to a new RaspBerry Pi 4 and I am considering to use a new Z-WAVE Controller on the new Pi 4 (probably Nortek or UZB). However, I do not want to exclude the devices and reset and include them on the new controller.

Would this approach work or is there another easy way to migrate the Z-WAVE network?

  1. Setup the new environment Pi 4 and UZB
  2. Include the new environment as secondary controller in the Z-WAVE network on the OLD Pi
  3. Set the new controller to be the main one and the old controller to be the secondary one
  4. Finalize the setup of the new openHAB 3 instance
  5. Remove the OLD controller on Z-WAVE network and disconnect the old system

I don’t mind to recreate all things, items, automations, but as said, I do NOT want to reset the devices.

Thanks in advance to anyone responding.

PS: I read through some of the post covering this topic, but could not really understand or figure out the best approach doing so.

Why don’t you just move the RaZberry board to the new Pi? Should do right away.

If by all means you want to change the Z-Wave controller, then you can install Z-Way from zwave.me, you should be having a license when you have a RaZberry.
Use this tool to backup your RaZberry and to restore the config to the UZB.

I’d move the RaZberry and keep the UZB as a spare part.

Thank you Markus

The RazBerry does not fit into the new housing. Also I want to be flexible with respect to the platform. Perhaps I move to something else then Pi in the future.

I understand, that Z-Way and openHAB cannot be active at the same time. Correct?
So I would have to …

  1. Shutdown the openHAB service
  2. Install and start Z-Way
  3. Force remove some failed devices I have (broken not functioning devices) with Z-Way
  4. Do the backup and the restore on the new UZB Stick
  5. Shutdown Z-Way (perhaps uninstall to avoid problems)
  6. Start openHAB service again

Anything else to pay attention to?

Would the other procedure also work, that I have listed in the first post?

You can connect the razberry to a usb to.serial adapter. I’ve tested it and it seems to work fine.

Br s

Thank you @Seaside
unfortunately I do not understand what you mean and what specifically I would have to do.


I am facing something similar. Moving away from a Raspberry/Razberry config towards a VM in my homelab. Need to move my Things from the RAZberry to the Z-Wave Stick 7 by AEOTEC.

I could get into the Z-Wave network by using the stick in my PC with Zensys Tools and somehow the Stick is now in my network. Moving it to Node 1 seems to be a problem though. Any recommendations ? Did you have any success ?

Thanks in advance

I did not manage to move from RazBerry to a USB Stick.

In addition I had to recognise, that the Z-Stick 7 is still not supported by openHAB

Method #1 is totally crazy, but might do the trick (if you’re willing to repeat the steps from method #1 up to 230+ times (in the worst case)…).