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Heyo Community,

I am planing a fun Project.
I want to use 2 Xiaomi Motion Sensors for the Goals of my football table.
But I noticed that Xiaomi Motions Sensors retain their Status for ca. 2 minutes.
Even if you reset them with a rule they do not detect new motion within this 2 minute window.

So my question would be, is there a workaround, setting I missed?
Do you guys have an Idea ?

I summon @kubawolanin!
Maybe you know something :slight_smile:

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Neat idea! :soccer:

I’m not really sure if it’s possible but you could try to set state of MotionSensor_MotionTimer item to something less than 120 seconds (which is default).

From the documentation:

// Xiaomi Motion Sensor
Switch MotionSensor_MotionStatus <motion>  { channel="mihome:sensor_motion:<ID>:motion" }
// minimum 5 seconds - remember that the sensor only triggers every minute to save energy
Number MotionSensor_MotionTimer <clock> { channel="mihome:sensor_motion:<ID>:motionOffTimer" }

And rule would look like this:

rule "Set the minimum timeout for motion sensors"
    System started or
    Item SomeSwitch changed to ON
    sendCommand(MotionSensor_MotionTimer_FirstSensor, 5);
    sendCommand(MotionSensor_MotionTimer_SecondSensor, 5);


CC: @dimalo

You mean the Motion Off Timer Channel. Will try that thanks!

Looks like this will turn off the motion status after 5 sek. but the Sensor is still timing out for 2 min.

The sensors send reports every 60sec when there is constant motion. It’s a hardware limitation. It is still possible to deact the switch with timers down to 5sec - but then the sensor is “dead” for theoretically 55sec :slight_smile:

Just figured that out too.

I’m having the same problem right now - did you figure out a solution?

@HH_bb No, the best reaction time you will get is 55 sec. not more