Milight binding Socket is closed

I Have a v6Bridge and after a day or so. I get this error. When i restart my p3 with openhab. it works for a day.

2019-05-23 16:39:45.037 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - GF_LivingRoom_Light_s changed from OFF to ON

2019-05-23 16:39:45.546 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item ‘GF_LivingRoom_Light_s’ received command OFF

2019-05-23 16:39:45.558 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - GF_LivingRoom_Light_s changed from ON to OFF

==> /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log <==

2019-05-23 16:39:45.569 [WARN ] [milight.internal.protocol.QueuedSend] - Failed to send Message to ‘’: Socket is closed

This is my item
Switch GF_LivingRoom_Light_s “Licht” (GF_LivingRoom, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=“milight:rgbwwLed:1bee7a9d:1:ledcolor”}
Dimmer GF_LivingRoom_Light_db “Licht helderheid” (GF_LivingRoom, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Dimmable”] {channel=“milight:rgbwwLed:1bee7a9d:1:ledbrightness”}
Color GF_LivingRoom_Light_dc “Licht Kleur” (GF_LivingRoom, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Colorpicker”] {channel=“milight:rgbwwLed:1bee7a9d:1:ledcolor”}
Switch GF_LivingRoom_Light_night “Nacht modes” (GF_LivingRoom, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=“milight:rgbwwLed:1bee7a9d:1:lednightmode”}
Dimmer GF_LivingRoom_Light_animatie “Animatie modes” (GF_LivingRoom, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Dimmer”] {channel=“milight:rgbwwLed:1bee7a9d:1:animation_mode”}

The oficial mi-light app is still working fine. I tested it with 2.4.o binding and with the org.openhab.binding.milight-2.5.0-SNAPSHOT.jar i found. Any suggestions?

Can’t help you with the ibox or v6 bridges as I use an opensource bridge and different binding which a lot of people are now using. It can be found here…

@matt1 Thats a last resort option. i upgrade my openhab and milight too 2.5.0.M1 perhaps that works. I Recreated the bindings and restart openhab. I have to a wait a few days now.

See this post here it sounds like someone needs to sniff the keep alive heat beat of the binding vs the milight app. Since I don’t use the v6 bridge I can not do it. You don’t need be be able to code just able to sniff and compare to see what is different in the openhab binding to the app. If you read the conversation ten posts above you will see info posted by the maintainer of the binding with what issue u are probably seeing.

What should i use to sniff? do you have a tutorial?

I used Packet Capture on my Android device.
But this is all what i get

Its not working again. I had to restart openhab.

Read the link I gave you someone in another forum created a jar file to sniff with and gave instructions. To download u need to create an account on their forum.

Please understand I have zero interest in helping further with this as:

A) I do not own any milight hubs.
B) I use my own binding and open source hub to control 23+ globes and have zero issues for more than a year.
C) I know nothing about the milight protocol.

Since the maintainer has acknowledged an issue also at the link I gave you, I don’t see this getting fixed quickly unless someone steps up and helps. Or you use your last resort and go to a full open source direction which has many benefits.

Tank you. I ordered hardware for the opensource milight. And i try to sniff for others with the V6 box. You could upload whats made public to github.