MiLight Bridge iBox

I do have two MiLight bridges (iBox), one for the kitchen and one for the living room. the one in the kitchen do have two LED strips and one bulb connected, and the one in the living room two bulbs only … all is working well from the mi light app on my phone …
Both bridges are well recognized with correct MAC and IP under “things” in openhab … but from there, I have no clue what to to …
I see them online, and when I click on it I can open the properties (whic is not much shown) … I ca push the edit button, where I see only see the IP, can edit the name and see two password fields password byte 1 and 2 (both are set to zero …
but thats it, I do not see anything else?!
Do I need to add Items manually?

The milight binding docs states that:

Found bridges will show up and can easily be added as things. Unfortunately Milight like bulbs have no back channel and can not report their presence, therefore bulb discovery is not possible.

ps: I don’t own a MiLight Bridge or Bulbs/Strips but at first glance I would advise (if you did not) read the docs :slight_smile:


Maybe this could be useful for you LED Strip

LD686 RGB stripes and bulbs are supported by the WifiLed Binding

Not if you use MQTT and the opensource hub, it can find the globes for you. This second binding can also control normal milight globes and the LED strips with the same hardware and binding making your life easier. Note that there are newer led controllers which use the LS2(?) and 99 channel remote which are not yet supported but the older ones work.