MiLight config for classic UI

Hi, I’ve got my first milight working in OH2 using the PaperUI. The wifi bridge is found, as is the light and all the things for colour and brightness and the PaperUI sliders work; everything appears to function from within the {PaperUI).

I want to get it working in the classic UI so that it also works for the phone app, for brightness and colour and the other effects available but I’m having trouble with the syntax and trying to work out exactly what I need now in OH2 thats different to OH1. I did have it working in OH1.The documentation in the binding is good, but its a bit confusing as to what is needed and what isn’t, for example do I need a /services/milight.cfg or not?

This is what i have so far -



Dimmer RGBW_SPARE_POWER {channel=“milight:rgbLed:F0FE6B188576:7:ledbrightness”}


Frame {
    Text label="Spare Room" icon="officebw" {
        Slider item=RGBW_SPARE_POWER step=16 minValue=0 maxValue=100


The openHAB2 binding does not need a milight.cfg file.
Your sitemap definition is wrong, a slider does not have steps, minValue and maxValue.

thanks, I just changed it to this


and removed milight.cfg.

I’ll give that a try when I’m home

Also on the classic UI the slider on the right appears as a down arrow next to an up arrow, not an actual slider. Is that the way it is supposed to appear? When I hit the up arrow I see in the events.log

Item ‘RGBW_SPARE_POWER’ received command INCREASE

however from the PaperUI when I use the thing slider I see in the log

Item ‘RGBW_SPARE_POWER’ received command 90
RGBW_SPARE_POWER changed from 100 to 90

It seems like 2 different commands are being sent, or my sitemap is still incomplete. Is there a way to get my slider in sitemap to do what the PaperUI slider is doing?

This is absolute normal behaviour. ClassicUI cannot render a slider, instead it schows the arrows.
The underlying Dimmer item is able to handle both commands.
If you want to see a slider in Web UI, please use BasicUI.