MiLight iBOX2 Saturation Control

Hello there,

for me it is important to have also saturation control of the color bulbs. Therefore I integrated the new IBOX2 for the Mi Light system.
Actually I tested with my LED stripes. What I can see is that it is possible now to have the white LEDs on together with the color LEDs. The saturation works like a dimmer for the white LEDs. The color LEDs doesn´t change during saturation control – this is my problem.
My understanding is that saturation control is not only to change the brightness of the white lights. It also must change the brightness of the colored LEDs. That means for example:
Saturation 0% -> white 0% / color 100%
Saturation 50% -> white 50% / color 50%
Saturation 100% -> white 100% / color 0%
The maximum brightness is depending on the brightness setting itself.
What is your experience with that? How do you control these lights?