Milight item definitions with Alexa

I’m having trouble setting up Milights for use with Alexa, the Switches work fine, but I’ve run in to problems when trying to add the Color item type. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Switch All "All" [ "Lighting" ] {channel="milight:rgbLed:ACCF23A205B4:0:ledcolor"}
Switch Lounge "Lounge" [ "Lighting" ] {channel="milight:rgbLed:ACCF23A205B4:1:ledcolor"}
Switch Bedroom "Bedroom" [ "Lighting" ] {channel="milight:rgbLed:ACCF23A205B4:3:ledcolor"}

Color  LoungeC "Lounge" ["Lighting"] {channel="milight:rgbLed:ACCF23A205B4:1:ledcolor"}

If I say “Alexa, set Lounge lights to green” then Alexa complains that there is more than one device with the same name.

If I change the Color tag to “Lamp” or something else unique, it will work but I don’t want to have to remember unique phrases in order to be able to set colour / brightness / night mode and this isn’t how this post indicated it should work.

Many thanks,

Please see the Item Type documentation at

You only need to tag your Color Item, as it will accept several commands .

Thank you, that correction fixed it.