MiLight / LimitlessLED / Futlight -> iBox v6 bridge - Is CCT working?

CCT -> Color changing temperature

Does the OpenHab system provide support for changing Kelvin tempareture for the RGB+CCT bulbs?

I can not get a simple answer from anywhere and I have been searching for days now. Does anybody have a working solution between OpenHab and the Futlight bridge?

Not directly but through the use of a Rule and an algorithm like this (NOTE: I just did a google search and clicked on the first link, I can’t say this is the best solution) you can convert between CCT and RGB and back and then use val hsb = HSBType::fromRGB(red, blue, green) to convert the RGB to HSB which is how the ColorItem stores color state.

No that is not CCT, that is RGB…

I asked for the 3 CW and 3 WW LEDs, can I control these?


Try using this to control the bulbs directly from a esp8266.

I’m using the RGB+CCT bulbs and I am using this $10 diy hub and openhab. You just need to edit some lines to match the type of bulb you are using.