Milight MQTT ESPbinding. trying to rule a wake light, but past dimmer value always causes a flash when starting

I’m having a challenge trying to program a wake light routine in the morning when using milights via the ESP MQTT binding.

the rule is working fine, (this is a challenge with how the lights work, not a rules issue, so no need to post the rule, it basically is just a simple rule to turn the lights on in the morning at 1% and increase to 100% over 10 minutes) . the problem is, no matter what I try the light always flashes at the beginning, as the light always turns on at the previous dimmer level before moving to the 1% wake routine level.

I’ve attempted to set a rule the set the level value to 0% at an arbitrary time in the middle of the night to set the level to 0% or post an update to turn it off, but that doesn’t seem to work. I can set the level back to 1% or 0% after the wake routine finishes, which does the job sorta, but problem is, if anyone uses that light during the day or evening, and sets the dimmer, once that light turns off the past dimmer setting is remembered. I have tried a rule to set the dimmer to say 1% in the middle of the night, and then off, but that also results in a flash as the light flashes on in the middle of the night at the previous level and then moves to 1% then off.

So yeah, just struggling a bit to find a good way of doing this. I recon that the remembered dimmer setting is actually a feature, and in most cases this is quite handy. but for this specific use case, it’s kinda messing up the routing, to have it flash to a second before starting the wake routine level at 1%.

similiar to what this post was dealing with.

it was mentioned in this post that the espmilight binding that it doesn’t have the same issue, but I’m yet to figure out how to not get it to do this. tried various options, without much luck yet++

thanks ya’ll for any input++ much appreciated++

See powerFailsToMinimum and set it to TRUE/ON which is the default and this will auto set the light to 1% before it turns the light off. Similar to what your doing but does not need a rule and happens when you turn the light off so you dont need to do it in the middle of the night.

EspMilightHub - Bindings | openHAB

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Hmmm, tried it but it did not seem to make a difference. here’s what I did, not sure if it’s done correctly, but looks ok, based on others I have seen in other posts:

Bridge mqtt:broker:myBroker [ host=“localhost”, secure=false, password=“xxxxxxx”, qos=1, username=“xxxxxxxxx”]

Thing mqtt:rgb_cct:myBroker:0x88E1 “Overhead” (mqtt:broker:myBroker) @ “home”
Thing mqtt:rgb_cct:myBroker:0x88E2 “Spot” (mqtt:broker:myBroker) @ “home”
Thing mqtt:rgb_cct:myBroker:0x88E3 “Wall” (mqtt:broker:myBroker) @ “home”
Thing mqtt:rgb_cct:myBroker:0x88E4 “Sink” (mqtt:broker:myBroker) @ “home” [powerFailsToMinimum=true]

Not sure if it needs to be done for all channels or just the specific thing. or…? tried a reboot as well, with no affect.

not a big deal, if I can’t get it, I realized I could create a bedtime routine that sets the level to 1% before turning off.

thanks much++

It should be the default setting so if not defined it may be already active? check in the main UI what the configs are set to and it is a per thing setting.