Milight Openhabian configuration

Hi, I’m using openHAB for the first time. I’m trying to configure my milight Bridge ACCF23BE9692.
In paper UI > configuration > things I can see my bridge and the other things connected, but I can’t control them in the control section. How can I configure them via SSH?
Let it make as simply as possible please.

A few questions:

  • did u add your things via auto discovery / inbox?
  • did u try to control the right zones and bulb type (auto discovery will just list all available zones for white and coloured bulbs but u can control only what you have of course)
  • what channels did u try out to control?

Cheers, David

Yes, I added all via inbox to things.
I’m trying to control color (zone 1) to begin with. When I press the button it brings me to a sub-menu that shows brightness and color with a blue symbol and other 4 modes in gray.
How can I control this two parameters in the control section or via openhabian?

Paperui has a section called control and there are other GUI like classicui where you can control your configured things. Please read the documentation, I get the feeling that this is not a milight problem but a misunderstanding of how openhab works.

Cheers, David

Ok thanks. I’m new on using openhab and it’s so easy that I messed up something. I’ll try to find a solution. Thank you

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