Milight RF collisions?


I’m all but convinced the milight binding isn’t considering the fact that with multiple bridges packets should not be sent to multiple bridges at the same time. This appears to be causing both bridges to transmit at the same time and therefore causing interference at an RF level resulting in hit and miss outcomes. If I send commands to only 1 of my bridges no issue. Send to both and the outcome will be random. Maybe all 8 zones (2 hubs, 4 zones each) will perform the action or maybe only 6 of them will.

I’ve been tinkering with the code in the milight binding myself and was attempting to set a shared (volatile) flag when transmission was in progress that would mean no other transmission could occur. Temporarily I was just going to throw in a delay on subsequent transmissions.

The questions I have are:

Does anyone else experience this issue?
Are the developer(s) of this binding aware, in agreement and/or working on this?
As I’m not at all a strong developer but would happily contribute can anyone point me (high level) at how this should be resolved? I can see my attempt to set a flag ‘transmission in progress’ is not visible to any bridge other than itself resulting in no benefit.