Minimote Group Mode

Problem: Power Outage, upon restore some of my zwave bulbs turn back on(when they were off).
This wakes me up.

I got a zwave minimote DSA03202 v1 from Aeon Labs.

My understanding is i can control the devices directly with this and bypass openhab.
How do i do this with regard to Openhab.
Do i add it as a secondary controller to open hab?
I assume i should put it into Group mode somehow?(not scene mode) so i don’t need to use of the primary controller(as I don’t want to wait for the linux box with the controller to reboot before i can turn all the lights off).

Goal: Power goes out - Power comes on - lights come on - linux box booting…me: hit minimote button, all lights go back off.

I’m trying to set this thing in group mode to no avail.
Tried in openhab…just stays yellow…even if i wake it up.
Tried in openzwave…i see it change from group back to scene when i change the value.